This creepy Farmhouse will give you the chills!

On 25/10/17 I and Rodrigo explored an very creepy Farmhouse where the owners has died and left everything behind! What we found there changed our mood.. We found old pictures of the owners in the bedroom also with an spooky Doll that is haunted as hell! The doll his head moved! Will def going back to that farmhouse 1 day.  See the full video here :

Stay tuned for an another post tonight! 

20/10/17 – We almost got attacked by an dangerous dog while exploring an Abandoned Villa.

Throwback 20/10 where i and the crew found an Abandoned Villa middle in the bushes. it was incredible! Most of the stuff was still there but the most where gone also. We found some crazy things! First of all we found an sauna just like we found at The Lost Hotel. I’ve uploaded 2 parts of it, 1 at day & 1 at night. Then we found an Giant safe hiding in an secret room. Actually we found 2 safes the 2nd one we found it in the basement. After we explore the hole Villa we came back outside to explore an another small building but then.. An dog was coming closer to me so i decided to run i was getting scared because the barking was coming closer. So after running away we where back to public street on our way to my car to leave and that was the moment where that big dangerous dog was running to us like crazy so we jumped into my car really quick glad we could end that moment without getting bitted..  

See the full video here  :


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Exploring an Abandoned Farm named “Johhny Walker” GOES WRONG!

Good evening fams! This was an pretty cool Abandoned Farm to explore especially when it is standing in the middle of the bushes. When we came there it was just an scene from The Last Of Us also i took some very beautiful pictures of that farm. Most of the stuff was still there like fridges , sofa’s , old bottles etc.. There was also an very old car standing there! pretty awesome i recorded the important parts of that Abandoned Farm maybe one 1 building i couldn’t record.. If you want to know why i couldn’t record everything well you will find out when you going to watch that video! Click here to jump over to the video : if you didn’t smashed that LIKE button well do it right now like you never did before lol helps me a lot fams! 

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Haunted Mansion by an woman in an white dress.. Midnight Challenge

What?? An Haunted Mansion?!! Well it’s just the truth.. I read some posts from other explorers who explored that massive mansion at night an most of them saw an woman in an white dress.. The strangest thing is that the owners has died inside that mansion and their where just married so maybe that is the reason why those explorers saw an woman in an white dress  that is just my opinion. When me an my bro Rodrigo was exploring that mansion at night we already heard footsteps , weird whispering on the upper floors and loud bounces.. We found also an book where we found an pic with an men and an woman (probably the couple) and yes that woman was wearing an WHITE DRESS.. Also we found an WHITE DRESS Hanging on an door!! Pretty scary! 

Check out the video here :

The Haunted Swimmingpool Part II (3 AM CHALLENGE)

What is up best fams in the hole world! Like i promised i will going back to that Haunted Swimmingpool at 3 AM because i reached the 40 likes on that video. Why is that swimming pool so special? Well when you going to put your 1st step inside that building you already got some cold vibes. The place where i did my intro my pal Rodrigo took some pictures of that area and in the left corner after research of the pics he took we spotted an GHOST in 2 pictures! Creeps the hell out of me! 

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Looks closely left pic if you look good there is one peaking out on the pic right you see one left above..  Check out PART 1 of the video by clicking on                                        this link here :


How to get an Shootout In my Youtube video’s?

Thats the question.. How to get an Shootout in my Youtube Video’s? Well it’s not that difficult the only thing you need to do is SPAM me on Twitter   and i’ll randomly choose some fams for in my Shootout. Will try to give an Shootout 1 or 2 times a week but at least the video’s that i’m uploading needs to reach the 30 likes then i will choose randomly some fams so the only thing you need to do is to SPAM me on social media especially Twitter! Don’t worry everyone will get an shootout in the future i promise!

So to make it easy :

1) At least every video i upload needs to reach 30 likes

2) SPAM me on Social Media

3) Just wait for it if it is not that one day then it will be another day

Big love to you my fam! ❤


Make sure you ready for this fam!

Yooo happy tuesday beautiful fam!! Like always tomorrow it is time to see an new spooky adventure again! Make sure you’ve got your popcorn be with you all also turn up the volume lil bit but not to much so you will NOT damage your ears.. And ofcourse to make it next level spooky turn off all your lights so you will watch this in full dark! only for people who dare! 😉  

So what will tomorrows video be?

Well me and the crew found an abandoned house with an sort of an small school but the craziest part is that legit everything is still there! Also the piano was still working! But i’m not gonna tell some more details so you will need to wait till tomorrow fam! 🙂 



Don’t Think Just Do Merch (Halloween Edition)

In a few days it’s Halloween again! So that means the world will release the evil to the public! And thats why i just dropped 2 awesome spooky t-shirts for men and woman! more will come this month! Dead line is the 31th october. Make sure to stay tuned on my twitter so you will be up to date of more Halloween edition merch! Wants to bring Halloween with style? Click the link to buy my halloween Edition Merch! 🙂 

Buy here :  Don’t Think Just Do Shop 


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