The Hospital with a tragical and dark history.

Few weeks ago we went to an abandoned hospital in France. We searched for about multiple minutes to find a way in and we finally did it.

I remember it good it was night and we just came from another destination. So we decided to record that hospital what was on our check list. We didn’t recorded it that night because we wants to search for a way in first and doing a quick overview where we only walked through one hall and then returned back to my car to doing that place another time. Since 2/3 weeks ago we decided to record the Abandoned Hospital at day time and we actually did it. It was a crazy exploration, my bro Rodrigo could take some cool pictures of it in 1 word it was SICK! We searched for some history about that hospital and well.. The history is not that innocent like it is.. Back when the Hospital was still in use doctors murdered some baby’s.. After multiple accidents of murder on innocent baby’s they fired 10 doctors who where guilty of murder in the hope the murder will being stopped. Few weeks no murder happened but then there where another traces of murder so the government of France let the hospital closing the hospital his door permanently. After being closed local people claims to hearing baby’s crying and Laughing after 12 am.

Check out our exploration of that Hospital at day and some weird and spooky things already happened.

On 70 likes on that VIDEO where we explored the Abandoned Hospital we will doing it over at 12 am to see if it the story’s are real.. And i’m gonna be honest i’m already nervous haha.

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