Today i’ll reveal you my upcoming adventures you will see and expect this year. This is just a part 1 of this. That means your gonna find 5 teaser pics of abandoned building you are going to see on my youtube channel soon! And you will love it. Here we go! 

1 : A piece of an Abandoned Hospital. Very risky to get inside! But we did it. IMG_3173

2 : Lost Abandoned Hotel. We couldn’t get inside the Hotel because they barricaded everything but we explored a scary forest that is behind that hotel where we got chased out by boars. IMG_3509

3 : An old scary Farm. Gonna be honest we didn’t explored the inside because it was impossible. Everything was storaged with boxes and other stuff. And yep a GIANT SPIDERWEB but it was scary! IMG_3544

4 : Very large Abandoned Hospital where a lot of baby’s got murdered by some evil doctors. Yes we did this. And it was scary! We discovered some scary things and we actually saw some crazy stuff there to as well! IMG_3355

5 : The abandoned castle probably from an officer of the France civil war. This was literally a crazy place! We found a canon and some old school vintage furniture! Actually EXPLORING WITH JOSH explored this building to when he was in Europe. IMG_3652


This was part 1 of my upcoming adventures this year. They are waiting to being edited and being published on my Youtube Channel! I’ll see you back in PART 2! 


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