Yep i just dropped a new video online! I was actually driving to a destination and we found this abandoned house on a public road we checked first if it was really abandoned or not and yea it was abandoned so we decided to explore it and recording it. 

You’ll probably asking yourself who lived or from who was that house? Or what is the history about this place? Well i gonna be honest with you. I dunno who lived there or i dunno any history like i mentioned above we found this while we where driving to a destination. On the door that was open (the only way in) of that house i could read “kantoor” is dutch for office. It would be possible a sort of office/house from a architect that lived there. We also found a room with world maps etc.. Before we get into that house to explore it we first explored a sort of big garage/storage hangar with sort of freezer rooms what was actually pretty weird and where we found a sort of attic. When we where on our way to the house we heard a freezer door closing by hisself what was actually scary because there was no one else only us! But i couldn’t recored it because my camera was off because i was on my way to the house. After that happened i thinking about to go back an maybe we can capture something paranormal on camera.. Anyways enjoy the video! Can we hit the 70 likes on it? Click here to watch – https://youtu.be/3tKNLPIn_Pc


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