Why 2018 will be an amazing year for you fams!

My dear fams,

We started a brand new year 26 days ago and i wanne talk about my upcoming plans for this year and why this year will be amazing for you fams. Let’s get into it quick. 

2018 is not only a new year it’s also a brand new year full of goals, adventures and experiences! previous year i was focusing on Abandoned Houses, Villa’s and farmhouses but this year my focus is on way bigger type of abandoned buildings namely like sanatoriums, hospitals and many more places that is huge and amazing to explore and capture it on video to share it with you fams. Also some other Abandoned Things like Abandoned Trains will you see this year on my Official Youtube Channel. Like i said this year is a way different focus than previous year. Don’t worry i will still explore abandoned houses, villa’s, farms etc because i know many of you love those type of explorations but what i wants to mean is that i will put the focus way more on Bigger type of abandoned buildings than smaller abandoned types of buildings. I started 2018 with one of my 1st ever Abandoned Coal Mine exploration! That was nuts and i will def do more abandoned mines this year so stay tuned for that. I also started with tweeting more short video clips to keep you fams up to date of where i am on my exploration day namely every saturday. I also started a Instagram account to keep you fams up to dated there. Alright i gues i told you the most important things of what my plans are this year and before i forget i working on to come to travel to the STATES to meet you fams in real person and shooting some video’s/exploration video’s together. Alright if you have questions or you wants to know more about my 2018 plans lemme know via Twitter or send me an e-mail at jefsteticsworld@gmail.com

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

Much love and hugs

Jefstetics World aka Jeffrey

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