I explored this Haunted Farm Alone!

Good afternoon fams! Today you will be part of a scary adventure where i explored a Haunted Abandoned Farm alone! I caught a very creepy EVP where you can clearly hear something said “JESUS”  

In tonights video you will being part of the adventure where Jefstetics World went to an Abandoned Farm alone nearby a public road at night time. The farm hisself is abandoned for about multiple years and there is no history about the farm. The farm  looks the same like a farm Jefstetics World already did for about multiple times. There was also some furniture left behind like a seat, chairs and more.

Video will be dropped online later this day! 


The look a like farm house :




The Hospital with a tragical and dark history.

Few weeks ago we went to an abandoned hospital in France. We searched for about multiple minutes to find a way in and we finally did it.

I remember it good it was night and we just came from another destination. So we decided to record that hospital what was on our check list. We didn’t recorded it that night because we wants to search for a way in first and doing a quick overview where we only walked through one hall and then returned back to my car to doing that place another time. Since 2/3 weeks ago we decided to record the Abandoned Hospital at day time and we actually did it. It was a crazy exploration, my bro Rodrigo could take some cool pictures of it in 1 word it was SICK! We searched for some history about that hospital and well.. The history is not that innocent like it is.. Back when the Hospital was still in use doctors murdered some baby’s.. After multiple accidents of murder on innocent baby’s they fired 10 doctors who where guilty of murder in the hope the murder will being stopped. Few weeks no murder happened but then there where another traces of murder so the government of France let the hospital closing the hospital his door permanently. After being closed local people claims to hearing baby’s crying and Laughing after 12 am.

Check out our exploration of that Hospital at day and some weird and spooky things already happened.


On 70 likes on that VIDEO where we explored the Abandoned Hospital we will doing it over at 12 am to see if it the story’s are real.. And i’m gonna be honest i’m already nervous haha.

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Like i already published on my previous post this was actually the Abandoned Hospital that you fams are goings to see today! If you wondering which are the other upcoming locations you can  check out my previous post here: https://jefsteticsworld.com/2018/02/25/my-upcoming-adventures-in-2018-part-1/

We broke into an abandoned hospital through a window that was open. The building we explored is just a small piece of the main hospital hisself, only that was abandoned but the other buildings are still in use. After exploring the hospital i became sick mysteriously.. You can check out the video here  :  https://youtu.be/sm_ZBt4spRU

This Abandoned Hospital is located in Belgium close by the border of France in a town named as DOORNIK ‘Tournai’. 



Today i’ll reveal you my upcoming adventures you will see and expect this year. This is just a part 1 of this. That means your gonna find 5 teaser pics of abandoned building you are going to see on my youtube channel soon! And you will love it. Here we go! 

1 : A piece of an Abandoned Hospital. Very risky to get inside! But we did it. IMG_3173

2 : Lost Abandoned Hotel. We couldn’t get inside the Hotel because they barricaded everything but we explored a scary forest that is behind that hotel where we got chased out by boars. IMG_3509

3 : An old scary Farm. Gonna be honest we didn’t explored the inside because it was impossible. Everything was storaged with boxes and other stuff. And yep a GIANT SPIDERWEB but it was scary! IMG_3544

4 : Very large Abandoned Hospital where a lot of baby’s got murdered by some evil doctors. Yes we did this. And it was scary! We discovered some scary things and we actually saw some crazy stuff there to as well! IMG_3355

5 : The abandoned castle probably from an officer of the France civil war. This was literally a crazy place! We found a canon and some old school vintage furniture! Actually EXPLORING WITH JOSH explored this building to when he was in Europe. IMG_3652


This was part 1 of my upcoming adventures this year. They are waiting to being edited and being published on my Youtube Channel! I’ll see you back in PART 2! 


We found this abandoned farm!

Good friday my fams! Yesterday i uploaded a surprise video namely an abandoned farm we discovered while driving to a location to record. 

On a saturday i was driving with ma crew to a destination and on our way we discovered a farmhouse. First we tough it was not abandoned but we wants to sure if it’s really abandoned or not so we decided to park our car on a safe place on the street and we where going to that farm by foot. We where right it was 100% abandoned! Then we discovered that the front door was open so we could get inside it very quick and easy. We discovered some furniture that was left behind but the most the furniture was gone. The craziest thing was when we where doing the attic i captured a very scary EVP on camera it was like a mens voice couldn’t understand what is said but when i did that clip in slowmotion you can hear a lil bit what is was saying but still not good enough to understand. That makes the exploration even more scarier! You can watch my video here  :  https://youtu.be/CCfKDrHj8_A

Location of the Abandoned Farm : Belgium in a small town named as Rumbeke.


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Yep i just dropped a new video online! I was actually driving to a destination and we found this abandoned house on a public road we checked first if it was really abandoned or not and yea it was abandoned so we decided to explore it and recording it. 

You’ll probably asking yourself who lived or from who was that house? Or what is the history about this place? Well i gonna be honest with you. I dunno who lived there or i dunno any history like i mentioned above we found this while we where driving to a destination. On the door that was open (the only way in) of that house i could read “kantoor” is dutch for office. It would be possible a sort of office/house from a architect that lived there. We also found a room with world maps etc.. Before we get into that house to explore it we first explored a sort of big garage/storage hangar with sort of freezer rooms what was actually pretty weird and where we found a sort of attic. When we where on our way to the house we heard a freezer door closing by hisself what was actually scary because there was no one else only us! But i couldn’t recored it because my camera was off because i was on my way to the house. After that happened i thinking about to go back an maybe we can capture something paranormal on camera.. Anyways enjoy the video! Can we hit the 70 likes on it? Click here to watch – https://youtu.be/3tKNLPIn_Pc


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This Abandoned School Will give you the goosebumps!

After a very long time Jefstetics World AKA Jeffrey explored an abandoned school again. What we discovered will give you the goosebumps!  

It’s not only just a school.. Multiple parts of that school took fire what is actually the reason why it’s abandoned. It became also a very populair for drugs dealers and homeless people. In that video Jefstetics World actually met a homeless man that was staring creepy at him and his bro. we left him alone and he us. It was already scary at day especially the hallways. We only explored the main floor because the upper floors where pretty weak and dangerous. But we will return at 3 AM to see if we can caught something paranormal activity on camera if we can hit the 60 LIKES on the video – https://youtu.be/0rTpGJJiZfc

The Abandoned School is located in Belgium in a city named as CHARLEROI.

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Why 2018 will be an amazing year for you fams!

My dear fams,

We started a brand new year 26 days ago and i wanne talk about my upcoming plans for this year and why this year will be amazing for you fams. Let’s get into it quick. 

2018 is not only a new year it’s also a brand new year full of goals, adventures and experiences! previous year i was focusing on Abandoned Houses, Villa’s and farmhouses but this year my focus is on way bigger type of abandoned buildings namely like sanatoriums, hospitals and many more places that is huge and amazing to explore and capture it on video to share it with you fams. Also some other Abandoned Things like Abandoned Trains will you see this year on my Official Youtube Channel. Like i said this year is a way different focus than previous year. Don’t worry i will still explore abandoned houses, villa’s, farms etc because i know many of you love those type of explorations but what i wants to mean is that i will put the focus way more on Bigger type of abandoned buildings than smaller abandoned types of buildings. I started 2018 with one of my 1st ever Abandoned Coal Mine exploration! That was nuts and i will def do more abandoned mines this year so stay tuned for that. I also started with tweeting more short video clips to keep you fams up to date of where i am on my exploration day namely every saturday. I also started a Instagram account to keep you fams up to dated there. Alright i gues i told you the most important things of what my plans are this year and before i forget i working on to come to travel to the STATES to meet you fams in real person and shooting some video’s/exploration video’s together. Alright if you have questions or you wants to know more about my 2018 plans lemme know via Twitter or send me an e-mail at jefsteticsworld@gmail.com

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

Much love and hugs

Jefstetics World aka Jeffrey


It’s been a while since i posted something again! I’m so so sorry for that! Had it a lil bit to busy with exploring lot of Abandoned Places and editing my adventures etc.. But i’m back and trying to post daily so you fams will be up to date of upcoming video’s , some informations, new releases of my merch and much more! The support last days are so freaky awesome! But i will give you My TOP 3 Must See Video’s! You ready for it! 😉 

Nr.1 – Exploring The most Creepy Farmhouse from WW1 at 2 AM  

Click here to jump into the videohttps://youtu.be/teyG-u62g5M

Nr.2 – Villa SS a creepy abandoned villa hidden in the bushes 

Click here to jump into the video : https://youtu.be/sh89zSKVLUw

Nr.3 – Found a scary haunted doll 

Click here to jump into the video : https://youtu.be/7kUrZ9VUEOAIMG_1576


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